Rosgvardeets shot cigarettes from trauma

The Moscow Garrison Military Court has received a criminal case of malicious hooliganism committed by former IT specialist Pyotr Myachin, a member of the Vityaz special forces of the Russian Guard. The military man, who returned from the NVO zone, made a brawl in the store, because he was not sold for 200 rubles. a pack of cigarettes, which, while he was at war, rose in price by 19 rubles. Now the defendant faces up to seven years in prison, but the lawyer hopes that he will be able to conclude a settlement agreement with the injured party.

According to the prosecution, on January 6 of this year, 33-year-old Pyotr Myachin came to a store on Shcherbakovskaya Street in Moscow, where he tried for 200 rubles. to buy a pack of Soho Parliament cigarettes, which they didn’t sell him because it cost a little more and the military man didn’t have any money with him.

During the conflict with the sellers, Myachin shot several times at the ceiling with a traumatic pistol, and then he was detained by the police.

In the Izmailovo police department, he was charged with committing a crime under Part 2 of Art. 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (hooliganism committed with the use of weapons or associated with resistance to law enforcement officers), and when it turned out that the defendant was an active security official, the ICR took up the investigation. At his request, the accused was placed under house arrest. On Wednesday, the military court extended it until June 17.

Lawyer Valery Dzhokov told Kommersant that his client has a higher economic education and worked as a programmer. “For some time he even trained in the United States, but with the start of a special military operation he returned to Russia,” the defender noted. Initially, he volunteered for the Akhmat detachment of the Russian Guard, formed in Chechnya. After a month and a half training in it, Myachin fought in the DPR and LPR. And the second time he participated in the SVO already as part of the Vityaz special forces. According to the defender, he was not marked with state awards, but received gratitude more than once.

On the eve of Christmas, January 6, 2023, Petr Myachin tried to meet with his minor children, but his divorced wife refused him. Having drunk, the fighter went for cigarettes.

And when, according to the defender, it turned out that one of the saleswomen was from Ukraine, this completely pissed off the commando.

“By the way, he bought the necessary cigarettes in a nearby store, where they didn’t swear with him because of 19 rubles,” the defender added.

After the judge left the courtroom, the lawyer suggested that the representative of the military prosecutor’s office conclude an amicable agreement with the victims. The prosecutor did not mind if the defendant, who fully admits his guilt, did not drag out the hearings themselves.